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How does it Work?

Essential Internet is a new technology that is fiber fast. The networks sends wireless signal from the cloud to your home or business. We install a small device to receive the signal at your location.

Is Essential Wireless Internet safe?

Yes all of our data is encrypted for your privacy and protection

Does Essential Internet offer TV service?

Yes. We offer 250 high definition TV Channel  over-the-air broadcast.  When you sign up the first month of TV channels is free after installation. The service costs $30/Month after the first month. You can cancel the TV offer anytime and continue the internet service.

Why is Essential Internet a better choice?

Essential Wireless is better because we give you affordable, fast internet without all the hidden fees. You don't have to worry about your rate getting jacked up after the "special promo rate" ends. We are local and easy to reach. No data limit and no contract.

How to contact for help?

Call us at 1-877-324-9500. If we don't answer, leave a quick message and we will call you back. You can also email us at: 

What is the referral program?

Essential Wireless customers can earn one month free internet every time they recommend a friend or a neighbor.  Once we install the service for the referral we credit one month value of service.  

How is the installation process?

The first step is for us to perform a free site survey to verify that your location can receive a signal and it is strong enough for service. Once that survey is complete our support team will be in contact with you to answer any questions and schedule an installation.

Is there cost for installation?

Initial service installation is $100 and that includes the router.

Do you get special discount on internet plus TV?

Yes. There is a discount of $20 per month off the TV service cost if added to Internet plan.

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